Our Process

I hold the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. I help people with their Retirement and Education Savings, with their Insurance needs, as well as Estate and Tax reduction strategies. I work with a number of different Insurance Companies, Banks and Trust Companies, and Mutual Fund companies. If you need a product or service from Canada Life or Manulife, Fidelity or RBC, Home Trust or Coast Capital Credit Union,  I can help you. I do not work for the companies I deal with, I work for my clients. This means I can provide the best product and services for Your Needs, wherever that may be.

My job really is to act as your coach. I'm not the player, that's your job. I can give guidance and suggestions, provide sources of information and try to help you to make the right decision for your needs. The more you bring to the table, the better for you. Looking after your finances is really not that difficult, however it can be time consuming. If we work away at it a bit at a time, most people can get themselves on track fairly quickly. Initially you may not have the time or expertise or desire to take care of all the details. If I do my job properly, over time you'll begin to understand how all the different parts of your Financial Strategy fit together.

Generally there is no charge to you for my services. I am compensated by the Insurance and Investment companies that I work with. Before any purchase of a product occurs, we will have discussed any and all costs that my be levied to you, either directly or indirectly. There are no secrets or surprises. With your investments, my income is directly tied to how well you do with your investments. This means we both have a vested interest in you doing well over time. A Win-Win situation.
Financial Advisers can often look similar. Reviewing our points of differentiation will give you the understanding of just how our process will give you the greatest chance of success.

What Really Matters


About Us

We're here to help all of our clients and their unique needs related to their retirement and financial help. No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. 

We understand that planning for your future is scary and uncertain, especially in today's economy. But, rest assured that in our hands we've helped clients with all types of backgrounds successfully and happily retire with their financial hopes and dreams met and, often exceeded. We want to help make that dream become a reality for you and your family too.


You can decide if your future includes traveling all across the world, spending more time with your grandchildren, or maybe volunteering in your community. But, having those goals in mind now can help you achieve the financial security you'll need when it's time.

The most important thing is to define your goals

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Mutual funds are offered through Manulife Wealth Inc.  Insurance products and services are offered by Robert Pethes, an independent Insurance Representative.  Banking products and services are offered by referral arrangements through our related company Manulife Bank of Canada.
* Manulife Wealth related companies are 100% owned by The Manufactures Life Insurance Company (MLI) which is 100% owned by the Manulife Financial Corporation a publicly traded company. Details regarding all affiliated companies of MLI can be found on the Manulife Wealth website https://www.manulifewealth.ca/clients/en

Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson Polytechnical University in 1991. He began working in the Financial Services sector in 1994 as an Insurance Agent with Canada Life. In 1996 he completed the Investment Funds course and has been an Independent Financial Advisor ever since. Robert completed the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1998 and he is a member of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada.

Would you like a worry free future?

Wouldn't we all? Finally, you can have the future you want without the worry of what tomorrow is going to hold for you financially. Robert is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your future hopes and dreams with ease and comfort.

Rob PethesCFP



Not everyone has the ability to set aside a lot of money, or the time to let it grow. Not everyone is an experienced Investor. The Stock Market can be a scary place to invest for some people. But that does not mean that you have to move to Timmins to live a decent Retirement lifestyle. Working with an experience Financial Advisor now can help you sort out your Retirement Future while there is still time. We have a wide range of Strategies and Products to suit all Investor types and we can set up a plan that will allow you to Retire with a comfortable lifestyle.

Here's what you get:

- An independent and experienced Adviser. Someone you can like, and trust.

- We meet our clients at their home, their office or at our office. We don't keep        banker's hours and we make ourselves available to our clients to suit their busy schedules.

- A personalized Financial Strategy based upon your goals, your risk tolerances and your investment timeline.
- Online access to your accounts. Quick and easy contact and communication with your Advisor by telephone or email.
- The security of working with a large and reputable Mutual Fund Dealer.