Rob PethesCFP

Investing Wisely

Our Clients

Our clients are from diverse backgrounds, young and old, and have varying career challenges. Whether you are just starting out or retired, our goal is to help your account grow with a minimum of risk and drama. We have experience working in many different areas of Group Benefits and Employer Savings. If you should experience a change in Employment status, you can rest assured that we have worked with many large and small companies to help our clients transition from one career to another.

We cannot guarantee your investment returns over time, but we work hard to ensure that you have a good experience and make use of our talents and experience to realize your goals. In our experience, a large part of your success will be related to actively managing the Asset Allocation in your portfolio. Everyone wants to earn the most they can, but with the least risk. It is by managing the Lower Risk asset classes that you smooth out the Stock Market Volatility.

We listen and work to understand your needs and where your dreams can take you. Together we will build a Program that creates the nest egg you need, provides for your children's education, that builds a solid retirement future and provides tax reduction strategies to ensure you keep as much as possible of your Savings, and pass on your Estate in an efficient way. 

How do we Invest your Money? Prudently.
We are long term investors. We try and help our clients to build wealth one year at a time by utilizing a process that reduces volatility. We want to maximize downside protection. If you reduce the chances for incurring a loss, you don't need to take bigger risks. We like to think of this as the race between the Tortoise and the Hare. The Tortoise wins every time, simply by taking the steady and cautious approach. 
Some investors prefer to invest for the "big score". We don't believe that is wise. Frankly, if you are taking the kinds of risks to make the "big score" you are going to suffer periodic losses. The potential loss is Always higher than the potential gain. This doesn't mean we do not invest for Growth in various Sectors, but we first strive to build a solid foundation first.

By avoiding cyclical and high growth investments, we may not make the highest returns every year, but we also seek to mitigate risk in your portfolio. We do not use a short time frame to define success or failure. Investing is a marathon not a 100 yard dash. There will be good years and bad years, no matter how safe your portfolio. If you are looking for an "inside scoop" on a HOT fund, then you will be disappointed with us.

We emphasize fund management teams who have a steady track record of returning profits year in and year out. However, we prefer to give up the higher returns in the good years, to outperform in the bad years. When you lose less money than everyone else, you don't need to make more money than your peers to end up farther ahead. By avoiding passing fads, and using a disciplined investment approach that strikes a balance between Growth and Value, we believe our investors will earn favourable long term performance  And, you have a smoother ride along the way.

Generally we prefer our fund management teams to invest in a small group of stocks, typically in the 30 to 50 names. This allows management to really get to know the company, and allows them to keep on top of developments. Running a portfolio that contains 150 stocks is too unwieldy, and begins to dilute the good performance of the few, with the average performance of the many.  You will know and understand the companies that we invest in. You shop there every day, buy their gas, own their products, use their services. Invest in What You Know. And avoid long shots.

We also prefer management teams that apply a Buy and Hold approach to investing. This typically means lower portfolio turnover, lower trading fees, lower volatility, and lower taxes. If you defer your taxes as long as possible, you end up keeping more of your money. Active trading increases risk, and will ultimately lower returns.

Lastly, we are frugal. We want to pay less for our performance. So we prefer investment funds that charge you less than their peers. This means you keep more of your money. 

No one has a bigger vested interest in your financial future than YOU. The more time and thought you give to your investments, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.